Wanted - Aviation Books & Magazines

My References page shows that I value good aviation reference books and magazines. I already own many, but there are a few specific book titles and magazine issues that I am still looking for. Below is a short list of some of the items on my wish list. If you happen to own any of these, and are willing to part from it for an acceptable price, please let me know!

  1. JP Aircraft-Markings (volumes 1971 and earlier)
  2. DC-3 Production List series, by John & Maureen Woods (parts 19 to 33 only)
  3. Canadian Military Aircraft 1920-1968 by J.A. Griffin
  4. Wrecks & Relics by Ken Ellis (1st & 2nd Editions only).
  5. Historic Civil Aircraft Register of Australia, "VH-DAA to VH-FZZ", by Tony Arbon. Thank you very much, Tony!
  6. Impressments Log, all four volumes plus the Index, by Peter Moss. Thank you ever so much, Alan!
  7. Airspeed Aircraft since 1931 by H.A. Taylor. Thanks very much, Neville!
  8. Armstrong-Whitworth Aircraft since 1913 by Oliver Tapper. Thanks Neville!


I am not only looking for aviation books, but also for some aviation magazines. Again, I already have many, but there are several I still need.

If you have any of the following magazines and are looking for a new and very good home for them, please contact me:

  1. Air-Britain Archive (issues 1990 No.3 and 1997 No.4 only). Now complete! Many thanks, Steve!
  2. US Register Quarterly (issue Volume Two - Summer only). This magazine later became the well-known AMCAR.
  3. US Register Review (issue 1972 only)
  4. Aviation Letter (issues 1 to 10 only)
  5. Air Enthusiast (only issues 117, 118, 123 and 126-130)

Many thanks in advance for your help!